Kriegs wins it!

I like Sports Gifs and I don't care who knows...

So I've got a shit ton of extra time on my hands and I've finally got my computer to behave correctly. All of that equals me making sports gifs incessantly for no particular reason. It only just occurred to me to put them in a post. So here goes.


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Kriegs wins it!


This doesn't really need to be said but the motherfucking New York Yankees won their 27th Championship on thursday (much to the chagrin of a huge chunk of the country) and it was amazing.  I've got a ton of celebration pics but tinypic is being a jerk and a half at the moment so here are some parade shots:

ARod throwing up the diamond

A pretty good shot of Jay-Z

AJ and Jose looking Don Draper cool

The back of Swish's head and his Gossip Girl girlfriend

Big CC and Tex

My bb Joba in his glasses (aka Instruments of Sexayness)

And lastly, but certainly not least, the BEST closer of all time: Mariano Rivera

The past few days have been marvelous. LET'S GO YANKEES!

Kriegs wins it!

Because the Jets are boring me with their lack of offense...

So I keep meaning to update and never do...I suck at doing things consistently. 

Couple of things:
1. I am beyond excited to see Say Anything this week.
2. Brand New's album Daisy is epic on a motherfucking stick.
3. I am also beyond excited to see Brand New at the end of the month.
3. I am in love with the new Tegan and Sara album.
4. United is doing well despite losing to Liverpool.
5. Dimitar Berbatov is a Don Draper motherfucker. He's so class that it's ridiculious and people need to stop hating.
6. I may have an in with the MTA so let's all pray for some income soon.
7. My mom isn't cooking for thanksgiving so she clearly hates me.
8. I cut my hair and I kinda love it.
9. Oh and LET'S GO YANKEES!!!

This is my relationship with the New York Jets right now (I'm Bitchy!Caleb and the Jets are Clueless!Jared)
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Dimitar Berbatov approves of me updating my journal.

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Kriegs wins it!

Edwin and other things I'm excited about...

So I'm shite at updating. Been meaning to but never got around to it. Anywhoozle a bunch of things are happening. Football season (both of them) will soon be upon us. Baseball is heating up (Yankees take on the Red Sox tonight).  I've got some (actual) job prospects which would be awesome because this unemployment shit is wearing out it's welcome.

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Kriegs wins it!

Not the point of this post, but Phil Hughes is amazing.

Well a bunch of junk has gone on since I posted here last but I'm lazy so these are going to be sound bytes of news...

First things first, I saw Harry Potter Tuesday night and it was awesome. My best friend and I dressed up (as Gryffindors of course) at it was alot of fun, even with grown men/women leering at us. We met some cool people in the line and in the movie so all in all it was a pretty awesome experience.

Baseball is back on and my Yankees need to get their shit together. No real plans for the weekend, other than seeing my ailing grand-aunt though my mom says she is feeling much better thank god.

Fuck New Jersey. If only for the reason that it takes me forever to get there. On a real note though, I was there on Saturday to see bf and I was following some sketch direction, got off the bus at the wrong stop and then procedeed to wait for Aaron to pick me up. As I'm sitting by the bus stop, as a mixed girl in a mostly Italian neighborhood, some guy walks by and then comes back to say to me "If you look at me, I'll kill you." So yeah, Jersey sucks monkey balls.

Went to Nevada's twice this week, that's a record for me in the off-season I'm sure, and let me just say how much I love that place.

Oh and I love Mark Texiera. The new Yankee stadium is awesome!

Kriegs wins it!

Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?

So I have finally recovered from the gutting that was the US losing to Brazil in heart-wrenching dramatic fashion. Tis all good now. The boys played hard and no one can doubt that or even disrespect what they did at this point. Bodes well for the future.

Speaking of future, hopefully more hits will take place on the job front. Won't say much more than that just that something needs to happen soon, if only to preserve my sanity. As far as fun stuff goes, Harry Potter is steadily approaching and my bff and I couldn't be happier, midnight's so on.

I was a masochist yesterday and I went to see Transformers. God, that shit was awful. I actually liked the first one but this was a world apart. It's like Michael Bay said "Ok, more explosions, more gratuitous shots of Megan Fox's 'hot' body, more cursing, more crude jokes, and a touch of racism....yep, it's a hit." I mean damn, I am hardly ever offended by too many movies/shows (I love Family Guy and South Park for shit's sake) but this shit was tough to watch and in the end I didn't even care about anyone in the film. Shia Lebeouf seems like he spits alot...that bothered me as well lol.

The Yankees are back on my tv screen tonight and that's all that matters. All I can say is thank god for those ailing Mets, they never fail to get my boys back on track.

Oh and now I'm going to miss my doctors appointment (I should really set my alerts for more than 30 mins, ah well) and the soonest date I can get is in August. Awesome :/

Kriegs wins it!

My Boys!

What else can I say besides, we did the unexpected. The United States of America's National Team beat Spain. 2-0. Outright. No penalties. With a man down. No B.S. They just played up. I may be a bit tipsy but in my 20+ years of life and love of sports I can't say that I have ever been more proud of a sports team (my Yankees included) than I am right now. Hell, I still have on my Altidore USA kit. I don't give a flying fuck what the haters (my boyfriend and his idiot friend included) have to say, the US won, we are going to the final. Story end of.

So enjoy the happy shot of Landon, Boca (How I missed him) and a very shirtless Gooch.

Will talk about other things like the NHL Hall of Fame tomorrow. Stevie Fucking Y!!!

Kriegs wins it!

Crazy is the word.

Woot. So it's been a tough couple of days: No Brand New tickets for me (they sold out in under a minute and I was saddened deeply), the weather sucked, still unemployed (ugh...), Up was pretty damn sad, Ronaldo has been sold to Madrid (more on this later), the Yankees were swept by the Red Sox, the Red Wings lost the Stanley cup and my dog is sick.

Nothing earth shattering but when things are going you way every little thing seems like another add-on to the misery. But things may be looking up. Why? Because the Yankees won!!!! In stunning fashion, Luis Castillo dropped a pop-up to second and Mark Texiera scored from first to give the Yankees the walk-off win at the stadium. So thrilling. I went nuts!! I had my Yankee jersey on over my Steve Yzerman jersey, so you know I was hot as I ran around my apartment.

We needed that win so it partially makes up for the gutting I got watching the Pens celebrate at the Joe Louis. Eh, Fluery and the Pens played their asses off and I tip my hat to them. A great NHL season.

Ronaldo is finally off to the Bernabeu. I'll take the high road on this one: Cristiano, thank you and good riddance. I trust Sir Alex to make the most of this opportunity.

So as long at the Yankees can pull wins out of thin air, all is not lost. It's like the Captain said tonight, you can never give up. Cue gratuitious shots of my favorite captains:


Oh and my tattoo is finally starting to peel so yay! its almost healed.